Flowers for your Special Occasion

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We can offer the best flower arrangemente for your Special day. A Tuscany Wedding is also remarkable for the beautiful colours of its flowers! Why not add a special unique touch and mix fruits and vegetables with flowers!

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Born as a symbol of fertility and purity, the bouquet meaning was gradually transformed into a precious and elegant fashion accessory helping to improve the whole ceremony. The earliest records date back to pre-Christian time when the groom went to the ceremony holding a branch of myrtle and rosemary, plants which were considered auspicious, a symbol of fertility and fidelity.

The custom of decorating the bride with the flowers was born in the Arab world where the woman who had
the good luck to marry, would be adorned with orange flowers.

In Italy, the tradition came between the Seventh and Ninth Centuries BC where the wives, were ornamented with a lily, the emblem of purity; very different things were in the Middle Ages because, in this period, the brides were forced to hold in their hands instead of the noble flowers, needle and thread as if to symbolise their future so-called "Tools of trade."

Fortunately, the '400 brings a novelty: it spreads the tradition of adorning the head of the young brides with orange flowers (traditionally the main protagonists of the bride's bouquet) which have, in this case, the purpose of inducing their interior purity. As time goes by, from the crown the traditions passes to the flowers: no more only a branch of lily but a small bouquet of corolla white.

It is a tradition that the bride throws her bouquet, once the wedding ceremony is over, pointing at her best friend or better to all the girls. An old saying that the girl who successfully grabbed the bouquet on the fly, will marry within the year.


It 's the most traditional form for the bridal bouquet: a cascade of flowers covering the hands and descend toward the ground. Usually played on shades of white. It creates a very scenic and quite formal.

 The flowers are linked so as to form a sphere rather compact. It 's another classic bouquet and suitable for a formal wedding.

 A more casual: the flowers are bound together like a freshly picked bouquet. It is perfect for outdoor weddings.

 Smaller version of the round bouquet. Often created with a single type of flowers.

A bouquet in miniature. It has a sweet and simple character.

● POMANDER (wrist)
 A ball of flowers attached to a ribbon to tie around the wrist. Often used by little girls to throw the petals, it is composed by roses or hydrangeas or with all that is light and fluffy.