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Most couples we speak to have a good idea of the area in which they want to hold thier wedding and often also know the location. We have been wedding planners for couples in Florence,Pisa and Siena along with perhaps lesser locations in Tuscany. We can always check availablity for you but the first  and most important thing we find, whether or not you engage our services, is for us to listen to what you hope and wish for. Thats why we would encourage you get in touch with us either by telephone , via our contact request form or by your own email. 

Select Type of wedding: Civil or Church

Civil and Catholic weddings in Tuscany can be arranged in a number of locations.

7202782078_e22425ca9b_b.jpg  For example in Florence the civil ceremony can be held in the Red Room of the Palazzo Vecchio. The cocktail may well be arranged in the terrace of the Luxury Hotel Continental nearby.

In Tuscany there are grand villas and castles where civil ceremonies are permitted and we maintain an up to date list of wedding venues for civil ceremonies.

Arriving in Italy for the wedding

If you are a non Italian national, you must arrive in Italy at least four working days prior to the wedding date in order to process your declaration of marriage. The administration surrounding the wedding is then arranged for you including the civil ceremony, documentation, an official interpreter, a wedding licence and wedding certificate, plus an international marriage certificate. A "certificate of no impediment" is not included. Please consult us for prices.

Example of additional wedding planning services you may want consider

Additional services can be provided, including witnesses (compulsory), flowers, music, photographic services, restaurant venue etc. Prices on request and more details below. Feel free to call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Catholic wedding planning in tuscany

For a Catholic wedding in the San Luchese Basilica, run by Franciscan Monks, a certificate is required from the pastor of the bride or groom.  The pastor will be able to tell the couple what is necessary, such as baptism and christening.  The certificate must bear the stamp of their bishop's office which will transmit the dossier to the San Lucchese Basilica. The local Italian pastor can then go to the curia of Siena, who will issue the permission to marry.

Although there is no fee for an Italian pastor, it is customary to make a donation of approximately 300 euro.  The marriage will also have civil validity.

Our team at CIT (Celebration in Tuscany) are specialists in planning weddings in Tuscany.

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